In 2020/2021, BCcampus will continue to be a service-oriented organization supporting and innovating collaboratively with our local, national, and global communities. We will also continue to evaluate our offerings to ensure alignment with the needs of the B.C. post-secondary system and the use of impactful, evidence based and effective practices. We will rely on our established advisory mechanisms through committees, communities, and events as we adhere to the values of openness, sharing, accountability, and respectfulness.

In the upcoming fiscal year, we are looking at opportunities to:

  • Incorporate additional collaborative projects with a focus on social justice
  • Explore opportunities to embody Universal Design for Learning (UDL), open pedagogy, and other innovative ideas to provide value to today’s teaching faculty
  • Expand our ability to connect with more educators throughout the province, such as regional BCcampus representatives and hosting events outside of the lower mainland
  • Structure our understanding of Indigenization, with input from Indigenous leaders to ensure we are offering and suggesting appropriate and respectful communications
  • Explore new and innovative ways to support learning and host events online, about online learning and teaching

Team Conversation

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Upcoming events

At the time of this report, our upcoming events are TBD. As the world recovers from the global pandemic of COVID-19, we will look at ways to safely connect with the teachers and learners throughout the province, through online channels and face-to-face interactions when it’s been deemed safe to do so.

Upcoming events and activities, online and in the real world are shared via the BCcampus events page.