Mary Burgess

"We have an amazing team of professionals at BCcampus — our employees and secondees. We could not have done this, with this level of success, without their expertise, vision, energy, and passion.”

Mary Burgess

Executive Director

The first thing I’d like to share is how proud I am of the team we’ve assembled here at BCcampus. We have a truly spectacular group of professionals who helped our organization shine throughout this pandemic, providing immeasurable value to the institutions, faculty, staff, and students across the province. It was a pure thrill to watch our entire team, without exception, rise to the challenge and deliver far beyond expectations. While we hope to never again have to worry about a pandemic, it’s good to know we have the people, processes, and practice to overcome what life throws at us.

Looking Back

Last spring began with discussions about our options around the upcoming Festival of Learning, addressing the rumours about an outbreak of a novel coronavirus threatening to come to North America. Festival of Learning was an event we’d spent months planning for, and we were looking forward to connecting with friends and colleagues across the sector. Things changed quickly, and soon we were shifting our focus to support the people involved in post-secondary education in B.C. and beyond. We had no idea how much the work we’ve been doing over the past eight years would come into play in the months to come.

The progress we’ve made in mental health was a tremendous factor. People were stressed emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and financially, so we ran our plans through a lens of caring and empathy to support the system. We looked at the human side of BCcampus, co-hosted a well-being summit, shared our thoughts on working-from-home scenarios and how beneficial they are, and looked at the need for a culture of care and compassion. The biggest thing we did was come together as a system to support one another through this overwhelming experience.

Recognizing Excellence

On top of the learnings and changes we managed throughout the pandemic, we were also able to find progress on the projects we’ve been working on over the years. We found new ways to improve access to open resources, made time to appreciate each other (superheroes, unite!), and worked with our system partners to improve collaboration and promote open education. And we made time to look at access and inclusion to ensure we weren’t leaving anyone out.

This past year has been a challenge in many ways, but it’s also been an opportunity for our people to shine, and each and every member of our team has been truly brilliant. While the pandemic caused grievous harm to many aspects of our lives, the support, camaraderie, care, and compassion, as well as the focus on inclusion, shows that we have a truly remarkable group of professionals here at BCcampus, and I’m looking forward to many more years with them.

BCcampus Superheros

About Us

At BCcampus, we are innovators and implementers, leaders and learners. Our primary focus is to support the post-secondary institutions of British Columbia as they adopt, adapt, and evolve their teaching and learning practices to create a better experience for students. We achieve this through a supportive approach to advanced pedagogies, a focus on impactful practice, and collaboration with partners in B.C. and around the world. Funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, we are fiscally accountable and have implemented cost-recovery business models into our service catalogue to ensure our ability to provide value to the learners and institutions of B.C.

BCcampus has two physical office locations, one in downtown Victoria and one in downtown Vancouver. At this time, both are closed due to the pandemic.

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