Mary Burgess

“This has been a most memorable year, filled with wins, learnings, and the opportunity to shine as we helped our partner institutions pivot to a fully online learning ecosystem. Our team rose to the challenge and we made substantial progress for open pedagogy.”

Mary Burgess

Executive Director

BCcampus and COVID-19

In the midst of preparing our annual review, we –along with the rest of the world– learned a lot about COVID-19 and how there was a massive need to #FlattenTheCurve: providing our healthcare systems the necessary time to effectively manage the anticipated barrage of patients. The resulting need for social distancing saw a mass cancellation of events and activities, including many of the events that BCcampus had planned for 2020, such as the Festival of Learning, the OER for the Trades Summits, the H5P and Pressbooks Workshop, and the WeBWorK Open Problem Library Sprint.

Our team had worked hard and invested a substantial amount of time and energy in preparing, coordinating, and communicating these events. Our only disappointment through this was the loss of opportunity to connect with the people involved with post-secondary education throughout the province. Fortunately, we found new ways to make those connections.

While we saw the loss of face-to-face connections become a reality, we also got to introduce online learning solutions to many educators in B.C., many of whom had minimal or no previous exposure to BCcampus. Our team shifted gears to develop tools and share resources to help educators make the switch to online learning. With support from the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training, we were able to facilitate academic continuity throughout the province and became a positive model for the rest of the world.

While there were many negative aspects of this pandemic, we found the eagerness to transition to online learning to be based on a desire to help students and each other.

A Year of Building

For the fiscal year spanning April 1, 2019–March 31, 2020, we laid the foundation for work we are delivering in 2020 and beyond. Our organization continues to mature and grow, enabling us to take a guiding role to support the people involved in post-secondary education throughout the province, whether that’s through direct involvement in our programs, projects, working groups, and events, or indirectly, through supportive programs and research initiatives.

About Us

At BCcampus, we are innovators and implementers, leaders and learners. Our primary focus is to support the post-secondary institutions of British Columbia as they adopt, adapt, and evolve their teaching and learning practices to create a better experience for students. We achieve this through a supportive approach to advanced pedagogies, a focus on impactful practice, and collaboration with partners in B.C. and around the world. Funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, we are fiscally accountable and have implemented cost-recovery business models into our service catalogue to ensure our ability to provide value to the learners and institutions of B.C.

Our offices are located in Victoria and Vancouver, with many of our team using remote tools to engage and coordinate activities and events across the province.

System Partners

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