Digital Learning

Digital Literacy

BCcampus is working with the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills and the Digital Learning Advisory Committee to deliver open educational resources and professional development reflecting the Government of British Columbia’s Post-Secondary Digital Learning Strategy and the eight competencies in its Post-Secondary Digital Literacy Framework (ethical and legal, technology, information literacy, digital scholarship, communication and collaboration, creation and curation, digital wellbeing, and community-based learning). The results of this project were presented at the Digital Learning Strategy Forum in November 2023.

Digital Learning Strategy Forum

BCcampus, with support from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, hosted the Digital Learning Strategy Forum in November 2023 at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s downtown Vancouver campus.

Inspired by the pivot to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in alignment with the government’s Digital Learning Strategy, the forum brought together partners involved in shaping the Digital Learning Strategy, along with early adopters integrating the strategy on campuses province wide.

We were delighted with the positive response and active participation in this day-long forum and anticipate hosting an even more extensive and inclusive Digital Learning Strategy Forum in the fall of 2024.

Digital Literacy Hub

In 2023, BCcampus’ collaborative effort with the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills led to the successful launch of a comprehensive collection of openly licensed course materials and professional development resources focused on digital literacy. Targeted specifically at educators in B.C., the Digital Literacy Hub, aligned with the Digital Literacy Framework, has undergone rigorous vetting by a committee of educators to ensure credibility. It serves as a vital component of Digital Learning Strategy. Educators are invited to explore the eight thematic competencies and take the engaging Digital Superpower Quiz, while also downloading customizable resources to seamlessly integrate into their teaching.

“The B.C. Digital Literacy Hub, launched by BCcampus, opens doors to a new way of providing content to post-secondary educators. Working with a team of professionals from across Canada to evaluate and curate materials ensured a diverse group of voices were consulted in the creation of the repository. The cross-institution project also breaks down silos between institutions by making people aware of the content produced around the province, so efforts aren’t duplicated. It was such a great experience working with the two cohorts of evaluators on this portion of the digital literacy project. Each evaluator brought their own experience and expertise to the project, which allowed us to build a robust collection of materials. We also received feedback throughout the project that evaluators were excited about the materials they were evaluating, and many have already started using them in their work.”

Darcye Lovsin

lead resource evaluator, B.C. Digital Literacy Hub, and librarian, Justice Institute of British Columbia